Wrapped presents under a Christmas tree

Five Must-See Holiday Campaigns

by Ryan McLarty | December 14, 2016

Whether it’s a random act of kindness, a flash mob or a heartfelt feel-good story, the holiday season brings about countless creative holiday wishes from brands across the globe. While you’re enjoying your Pumpkin Spice Latte and thinking about all the holiday parties you’ll be attending, agencies are working hard to create the next best […] (read more)

Landing the internship: Part 2

by Calista Powell | November 19, 2015

You’ve submitted your internship application and (thanks to Part 1 of Landing the Internship) you now have an interview scheduled. Before you do your happy dance, you need to buckle down and prepare. Here are four key questions you might be asked by interviewers and some suggestions on what they really want to know: Why […] (read more)

Landing the internship: Part 1

by Calista Powell | October 22, 2015

For students seeking an academic internship, it’s now the time to send in your applications. Your fellow classmates may have started to resemble tributes from The Hunger Games, so prepare yourself to battle for that coveted position. If you’re anything like me when I was internship hunting, your Google searches consist of, “impossible interview questions,” […] (read more)

image of medical professionals

Humanizing Healthcare

by Molly McCracken | October 08, 2015

Despite being completely different lines of work and types of service, there are parallels between marketing and healthcare. The so-called “me” generation, which thrives in an “era of personalization”, is buying products the same way they access healthcare. As Coca Cola demonstrated, so simply, with their enormous success adding first names to Coke bottles, today’s […] (read more)

Signage for Memorial Cup 2014

Make it Big

by Molly McCracken | August 10, 2015

As Digital Marketing Manager, I often find myself leaping to digital as the answer to every question. My digital bias is clear; it’s measurable, it’s manageable, and it’s massively popular. Many organizations are feeling the same way. We’re seeing clients across the board decreasing their spend on traditional and print advertising and shifting towards digital. […] (read more)

Healthcare Brand Sketches

Three tips for creating stunning healthcare brands

by Sarah Ross and Molly McCracken | July 28, 2015

Historically, to ‘brand’ something was to burn your mark into a product or property you owned. Farmers branded their livestock, metalsmiths branded their weaponry and so on. It was a simple way to identify property, but as commerce has become more competitive, branding has evolved into a primary way for a creator to be associated […] (read more)

why video screen shot

Illuminating healthcare narratives through video

by Megan McIlmoyl | June 29, 2015

YouTube is up there with Google as the world’s favourite place to find interesting, relevant information. Videos are a great avenue for delivering powerful messages and give health-related campaigns a strong emotional pull. They also come with several benefits for your brand and overall marketing strategy. Each month, more than one billion unique users visit […] (read more)

Photo of Trophies

This one’s for you

by Laurie Lashbrook | June 05, 2015

Sure, we win lots of awards. They decorate our shelves and give us a good excuse to dress up and pose for silly photos. Awards are fun. They give us an opportunity to take time out and applaud the incredible work of our peers. (And share a drink or three.) But more importantly, they give […] (read more)

Spring Cleaning your Social Media

by Molly McCracken | May 14, 2015

The sun is shining, thermometers are hitting the high-twenties and you’re bringing some spring cleaning to your desktop. For most of us, this means a bigger stack of papers hitting the shredder and finally organizing the folders on your virtual desktop. For the social media manager on your team, it’s a great opportunity to refresh […] (read more)

@ symbol in a medical capsule

How Tweetchats can spark vibrant healthcare conversations

by Molly McCracken | May 05, 2015

Social media success is all about active communities, and Twitter is a great place for discussion because the network is extremely accessible and open. Healthcare communicators can use Twitter to their advantage in the form of an online Twitter event, otherwise known as a Tweetchat. Equipped with a Twitter account and the chat-specific hashtag, a […] (read more)